I Witness

By KangaZu

Sobers Run ...

... motion.

As today was much warmer than yesterday (by about 20 degrees!) we went up to Jacobsburg State Park to walk the Sobers Run trial.   It was muddier than we thought it would be.  And there was more ice on the creek.

Our walk was fun and we saw lots of interesting things.  I took tons of pictures and was going to put together a collage but in the interest of time I only processed this one shot.  I've been practicing with this new camera all sorts of techniques.  For this shot I used a slow shutter speed and stepped down the f-stop in order to get the motion.  This is hand-held.  

I've had fun going through all the Silly Saturday entries and will be posting my results later this week.

Note:  There could be a clue here as to one of my Mono Monday themes for March!  Stay tuned ...

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