By Amanda_T

Fresh air!

This morning I did some guitar practice and sent videos to my tutor for feedback. Sorted out a neighbour's bins and recycling as she's not well and they would have been missed otherwise, bathroom wall panels were delivered and are in the garage. First one I opened was damaged. I told them I had limited space and couldn't check them all, so what did they ask me to do??

Neighbour here this afternoon for a couple of hours, money well spent. The last two weeks I've made a soft drink for Mr T while the Monday volunteer is here, both times he hasn't been prompted or assisted to drink. In my book that's not right. He also has been subdued or 'difficult' (in the sense that she's made him mad or anxious); not consciously but he is just not relaxed. Our neighbour is now going to do three hours, nominally one on Monday and two on Wednesday. So I actually do get a proper break knowing I won't get a phone call to return home.

Today I went to my favourite local spot.. Obviously no dragonflies but blue tits, robins, redwing amongst the usual suspects, and a beautiful thrush singing. I've decided to get my YouTube up and running again. 

Creative writing bootcamp this evening, so I'm still behind! Just wondered where Mr T's entry was. Someone forgot to press publish before putting his phone on charge! Oops!

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