By Pinkhairedlady


The day started with with a brisk walk, got better with 2 deliveries I was waiting on (bracelet for a birthday present and wool for my temperature blanket) but was slightly worsened by the gas fire in the living room being condemned. The rules have changed and fires over 6.9kw need an extra vent to the outside that wasn’t required when the fire was installed with the house 23 years ago. Our fire is 7kw. We don’t use it often but when the engineer cane to service the fire and boiler today he had no choice but to disable it. Not sure if or what we will replace it with.

A lovely half hour walk combined with a ball throwing session at lunchtime and it was time to open my wool delivery. The blanket fir the kitchen is coming on quickly but I can work on that in parallel with the temperature blanket. Once I’ve caught up in the first few weeks of the year I can do a square a day. Thanks to the lovely Amanda_T who shared her template I’m planning to do one square a day and join as I go along. Wish me luck! Blips to follow in the coming days.

Thank you again to the 92 blippers who took part in this week’s Mono Monday challenge with the optional themes of smooth or rough/uneven. It was a challenge picking my favourites but I have now done so and hope you enjoy my choices. As always results are in no particular order.

Favourites are awarded to:
Carolina - balancing egg -
osuzanna - gnarly wood -
nonpcplod - moon -
dogwithnobrain - kettle -
turnx3 - reflections -

Honourable mentions are awarded to:
bababarbara - scrap sculpture -
59 - tree bark -
carol_dunham - cobbles -
MayIsle - shoreline -
Lucari - cloudy sky -

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursday with a theme of close up. I rather liked the pattern on my jeans, hope you do too.

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