By lemonzest


I devoted much of today to the onions as planned. Now we have 10 long rows of onion sets in the ground but still a lot more to go.

Cieszek [Cheshek], AJ's charming black dachshund visited today. While AJ is here, Cieszek sometimes loyally sleeps by his bicycle and stimulates our pack of hounds into loud conversation. We once hoped that maybe they would tolerate his presence inside the garden, but alas we won't try that again. That was a long time ago.

Towards 15:00 I neglected my onion duties and took a few shots. There were a few butterflies, more lilac, now in a more advanced state of bloom, a few shots of a major ant installation under the spruces and finally another tropical deluge, heralded with loud bangs rumblings. The rain is welcome.

Cieszek the dog was home long before his master.

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