By hazelh

Meadows at dusk with tree shadow, Jupiter & Venus

Mr hazelh and I crossed the Meadows at dusk on our way to a fabulous dinner party with David H and his friend Jenny at David's new flat in Morningside. The light was beautiful as the sun dipped behind the Barclay Viewforth church. With Venus and Jupiter also sparkling above, this presented an irresistible blip-portunity.

I am quite surprised that I have managed to pick out the planets in an iPhone snap. The shadow of the cherry tree on the new grass, in combination with the sweep of its branches at the top of the shot, provide some 'framing' for the line of lit buildings in the distance.

Also today, I have been to the gym, caught up on work email following our trip to Northumberland, and continued the study sort-out that I started last Friday.

Exercise today: 57 minutes on the exercise bike; swim (60 lengths); walking (19,376 steps).

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