Down Time

I only took the one photo today, whilst I was making dinner and Euan was having some down time after Nursery watching Tractor Ted harvesting carrots.

We went with him and Mummy to his swimming lesson first thing and enjoyed watching him retrieve the hoops, jump in from the side and practise his leg action.  After a café stop it was off to Nursery and we walked down in to the city with Becky before she headed off to work and we had lunch in Pret, followed by lots of shopping for various things from fruit teas to a scrapbook and salmon for dinner.

Back at their home we had an hour before collecting Euan so Tony got on with some orienteering work whilst I attempted to stick the robot together so it would be a little more resilient when played with.

Euan had a bump at Nursery so there was another accident form to complete and then we were off home.  Out came the scrapbook and stickers and glue and Euan set to filling in some pages to give to Daddy on his return from Denmark, then he had his tv time whilst Grandad and I cooked dinner.

Another busy day and tomorrow he stays at home with us and we will be off to the Playbarn!

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