I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 475 ...

... Sharp/blunt.

I love the sharp tang of a good lemon!  And since my first idea didn't work out this is all I got!  

When I saw a murder of crows (yes, that's what they are called!) in the neighborhood this morning I thought it would be easy to get some pictures of them ... and their sharp beaks!  But ... noooo!  They just weren't going to be cooperative for me today.  I spent over an hour 'hiding' in the sunroom waiting for them to come to the food I put out for them, but they never did!  Grrrrr!

Then later as I was making supper I was eyeing the lemons on the counter.  And with the help of my pouring assistant (R!) I was able to get my blip for today's Mono Monday.  Thanks to Pinkhairedlady for hosting in February.  I will be taking over the hosting duties in March.  I posted the themes on yesterday's blip for those interested.  I've also tried to post to the challenges pages but it's apparently caught in the Spam filter.  I've sent a message to the Helpdesk and still waiting to hear back on whether they can get the issue fixed.   Time will tell ...

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