I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ...

... tiny snowman snowperson. 

As you can see we got snow last night ... about 2 inches.  

And what's the best thing about snow?  Why making snow people, of course!  I needed some help from Photoshop as I didn't have anything handy for the face and arms.  

I've added an Extra collage with some of my other favorites from the day.  I know the squirrel picture isn't the best quality but I really liked the tiny bits of snow flying all over the place.  The snow bits are what's in focus rather than the squirrel ... but I'm okay with that.  The upper right is a dark-eyed junco in his element.  They are accustomed to the snow and are only here with us during the cold months.  And, of course, the bottom right is our resident Eastern Cottontail ... which I very glad is still hanging around despite the foxes.  

Speaking of foxes ... our security cams picked up one of more of them in the front and back yards during the night. It's hard to tell whether it was the same one between the front and back yards.   We are definitely seeing them more often in our yard ... which doesn't bode well for our other wildlife. 

Thanks to Debbi for hosting Tiny Tuesday all this month.  Best viewed full screen.

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