By flavia13



A lovely day today with Hubby.  We just popped over the Leighton Moss as we haven't been yet this year - very remiss of us.

We drove up the A590, the A6 through Milnthorpe and past the Oasis Wildlife Centre and then took unclassified roads through Yealand Redmayne and Yealand Storrs.  A very pleasant drive and only takes about 30 minutes.

It wasn't very busy so it was really lovely.  I haven't done the top hides for a long time so we just visited the Tim Jackson Hide (just us in there)l then onto the Lillian Hide (busy but OK) and climbed the Sky Tower for the views, but boy was it cold up there.

There was some bird activity, especially seen from the Lillian Hide but elsewhere the birds were too far away really.  Still it was a pleasant, if somewhat cold walk.  I never tire of seeing the small birds and, as you know, my favourite is the Robin, so I was well chuffed when this young chap (well he look young to me) posed very nicely on a stick for me!!!

I also saw three coots having a spat of some sort - see extras. I've also included a Daffodil (not taken today) for St David's Day.

We also had two ducks came right up to our ankles 'cos they thought we were going to fee them.  We did not as there signs asking people not to do that as they want the birds to have a more natural diet.  Fair enough.  However when the ducks go up to people who are sat at tables outside the main building and will pinch the food off your table if you don't, what can you do.  We did not as we did not sit outside but a couple of guys with a dog did, for precisely the reason I've said.

It was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.  We then went for lunch in the cafe and just came home via a drive past the Silverdale Train Station and under Arnside Bridge and through Sandside and Milnthorpe.

That's all from me for today.  Do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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