By Teasel


I was up and out early to catch the bus to the office.  The bus was very  quiet, I guess because it is another school strike  day.  TT was working from home today, and yes it was another bonus holiday for BB – not an unexpected study day!
There were a few colleagues in the office today which was good.  I had a busy morning then an all afternoon meeting which supposed to be in person, but turned out to be hybrid, with a few IT glitches.  It was an afternoon I will never get back and i was quite worn out by the end of it.  It mostly felt like a meeting for the sake of it.  It could have been done in half an hour. Then I had to go back to my desk and catch up with the afternoon.
At least I had managed to pop out at lunchtime when  I bumped into a friend and former colleague who I haven’t seen for far too long.  It was so lovely to see him.  We’re going to make a plan to go out for a gin and tonic after work sometime.  When I was walking  back to the office, I bumped into a former colleague who I haven’t seen for a while, so we had a catch up before going our separate ways.  I later found out that BB had been taken out for lunch!
There was no one at home when I got back, as BB had a rugby match.  Luckily tea was just leftovers, which only had to be put in the oven to warm up.  They eventually appeared home –they had a good match.   More muddy clothes for the wash.
A view over Edinburgh – the new and the old.

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