Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Derelict Sunday

I've actually been intending to try this shot for some time - it's just a simple echinacea seed head, bent over.  I composed this against the stark floor of our woods because I thought it made the best background.  I also tried it against the lawn but this is, to my eye, better.  I'll put the other in Extra in case you'd like to weigh in.  This was a quick shot - held the stem in one hand and the camera in the other.  With thanks to Marlieske for continuing to keep the Derelict Sunday challenge going.

Thanks for the many nice comments on my blip yesterday.  I can hardly believe it has already been 15 years!  Interestingly, it was the brain tumor that brought me to Blipfoto.  A fellow brain-tumor warrior, who I met online (and eventually in person in Ireland) introduced me to blip not too long after I picked up a camera again.  He isn't really on Blip any longer, but we remain good friends and he still takes wonderful photos.  Thank you, Lorenzo.

Hubs and I took Jax to a newly opened dog park today - not so that he could go in, but instead so that he could watch and start learning to regulate himself.  We kept him in the car and let him watch.  Every time he started to get over excited, I would have him visually engage with me, offering treats.  This is a training technique often used with reactive dogs, called the "engage/disengage game".  It was hard for him, but he did fairly well.  This will likely be a long, slow process.  It's funny, because he is great at day care and plays well.  I guess he and I will learn this together.  

Heading out to dinner with some friends tonight which will be fun.  Then another week starts tomorrow.  

Dark with almonds today.


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