By Teasel


It was a lovely cold and frosty morning, which is not what I was expecting.  I had been expecting rain, so the frost was a bonus!  I had an early start to catch the bus to work.  I was on the office for a couple of hours, before we headed off to our Divisional Away Day.  I had been involved in organising the away day – at eth last minute and was a little nervous about how the day was going to go, especially as one of my team said the agenda looked really dull.
There was no need to worry. As it went really well.  Partly I think because everyone was just so pleased to all be together for the first time in almost three years.  It is almost three years since we were sent home from work due to the emergence of covid – and the world of work has v=never been the same again, and never will be.
It finished in the middle of the afternoon, so a few of us headed back to the office to pick up a few bits of work.  Meanwhile others headed to the pub as there were drinks for a colleague who left a few weeks ago.  I joined them later, for a quick drink before I went in search of a bus home.  I was home later than normal, but thankfully TT had saved me some tea.
We had a lunchtime team walk, when I spotted this mural on a backstreet in Leith.

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