I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... fun at Jacobsburg State Park.

As the weather was fairly nice today we made our annual trip to Jacobsburg SP looking for the wood frogs.  We weren't sure if there would be any out yet at the vernal pools but we had to try.  It was two years ago almost to the day that we first discovered this incredible event.  And we had just as much fun today as we did in 2021.

As we walked the path to the vernal pools we know immediately that the frogs were out as we could hear them!  YAY!  This vernal pool is in a different location as last time ... it's a bit easier to access.  And now that we know the frogs are in the pools we will go back to the other vernal pool if the weather is nice enough later this week.  The walk to that pool is a little longer but the actual pool is easier to get to.  

Since I took close to 400 pictures I simply had to put together this collage.   I thought about converting to mono as the trip to Jacobsburg to see the wood frogs is a rite of Spring and would work well for this coming Mono Monday's theme of Spring/Autumn but I went with full color.  Please have a look full screen.

But I will remind you that the tag for Mono Monday is MM478 and the theme is Spring/Autumn as March 20 is the first day of either season.  Watch tomorrow for a Pre-MM blip.

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