By hazelh

Edinburgh Trams man/person(?) hole cover

I have a lot to achieve this week. As a result, today I have been super-busy.

First I needed to source some ingredients for this coming Friday's feast. Crombies and Valvona and Crolla filled the 'gaps' from yesterday's supermarket run. It was as I crossed Leith Walk that I noticed that there are tram-branded man/person(?) hole covers, as blipped.

Then I needed to go through some paperwork from the solicitor that is related to the sale of some land from my late father's estate. My sisters and I, as well as my mother, have all received the same almost impenetrable set of documents. Having now read them, I am more baffled than ever. The three sisters have decided to meet on Zoom on Monday to try and make sense of them, and then take appropriate action.

I had hoped to spend most of the day cooking, but didn't really get started on this until after 4pm largely due to the issue of the solicitor's letter and documents. In the end I made: tonight's supper of asparagus, leeks and hazelnuts with orzo; a chocolate torte for Friday night; and a batch of chicken liver pâté, also for Friday.

In between all this, I fitted in a short run and caught up on some work.

Exercise today:  45 minutes on the exercise bike; 5k run; walking (15,891 steps including run).

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