TT and I were out early to catch the bus to Edinburgh.  I had spotted that a meeting in my calendar was due to be in person, so dully planned for an office day.  It was another really busy day.  We always knew this was going to be a busy week, and we were not wrong!  The in person meeting was with a group of colleagues I have never met in person, so it was lovely to finally meet up with them.  I’m not sure we achieved very much in the meeting, but have hopefully moved things on a little bit.
I spent some time clearing my in box, then left the office far too late.  It was then home for a late tea  - the boys had already eaten.  I followed this with a very quick walk – as I had sat at my desk all day – and then it was time for bed!
The office was lit up in purple this evening.  I wasn’t sure what this symbolised, but a bit of googling suggests it may be for epilepsy awareness.

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