I Witness

By KangaZu

Mono Monday: Week 479 ...

... From your (my) window.

Surprise! Surprise!  It's a bird picture!  

Actually you are probably not all that surprised that I would post a bird (or any other wildlife shot) today as that's my go to type of photo.  I really love spending time photographing all the wildlife here at home.  And it's what I see most from my windows.

This happens to be a female northern cardinal ... something I rarely get to photograph as they are rather flighty birds.  But since I was inside the sunroom shooting through the window she didn't notice me until I had gotten a few photos.  Of course, the cardinals are much better seen in color but since this is Mono Monday I've converted to mono.  I don't usually go with a high key image but I think it worked well for this photo.

I've added an Extra photo of a common grackle also taken from my window.  However, I've left this one in full color as the grackles are so much better in color ... especially in the sunlight. 

I can't wait to see what you all have seen from your windows.  Please tag your entries MM479.  I will start looking through all the MM entries on Tuesday so as give everyone a chance to post.  Stars will be given to all entries.  And hearts and honorable mentions will be awarded no earlier than Thursday. 

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