By Mrsmacdub

A pain in the butt

I was awake reasonably early this morning thinking of things that needed to be done.  I had a twinge in my lower back, to the right of the spine, last night but it didn’t trouble me during the night.  However, this morning it got very painful and I decided to make an appointment with my osteopath.  I saw her this afternoon and she said that it was a build up of little “damages” over a period of time and no one thing would have caused it.  So, that put paid to walking with the Pigeon Underground tonight and probably with Auckland Joggers tomorrow night, and I’ll have to decide whether to cancel my Pilates class on Friday.  I need to be fit to deal with everything that’s going on but today I’ve had to move very slowly, which has slowed me down considerably, If I try to move too quickly or awkwardly the muscle starts to spasm.  It’s definitely something I could do without.

MrMacD went walking with the Pigeon Underground tonight and I joined them for a drink after they’d finished the walk.  It’s always a nice atmosphere and lovely people to talk to.

I managed to get a photo of the moon tonight and it was shining on the water as we left the Pigeon to come home.

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