Helen and Gormley's '6 Times' figure 1

We had hoped to go on a bike ride today, but the weather has been so cold and damp that we changed our minds.

Instead, this morning I introduced Helen to the television adaptation of My brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante. We watched three episodes while Mr hazelh prepared the main course for our dinner this evening.

After lunch, we braved the cold with an expedition along the Water of Leith to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Helen was excited to learn about Gormey's '6 Times' figures, so we headed east first so that our route could include five of the six sculptures. My blip shows Helen with figure 1 after a sit down for tea and coffee in the art gallery café, and a perusal of the snakeshead fritillaries in the art gallery grounds (blipped on 22nd April 2021).

Back at the flat after our walk, we looked (and exclaimed) at photographs in our photobook archives from the 1980s and 1990s. It is at times like this that the huge effort that Mr hazelh put into digitising our old negatives, and creating printed albums from them, really pays off.

Then it was time for dinner of <drum roll> lobster thermidor and chocolate torte, followed by a game of Catan won by Mr hazelh.

Exercise today: walking (19,046 steps).

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