Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Or so it appears.  This young red-tailed hawk was high above the marsh this morning, drifting on the thermals while keeping eyes focused below in case an unsuspecting rodent should appear.  The image is heavily cropped but I like the backlighting on it, and it will remind me of the day.

I met up with two of my birder friends this morning and we enjoyed a great walk at the Refuge, in spite of brisk temps in the 30's when we started.  We racked up an impressive 43 species which is a lot for this time of year.  We did see a few early migrants, including the first warbler of the year (Palm Warbler) and several Phoebes newly arrived.  A pair of swans is already guarding eggs with her sitting and he chasing anything that gets near.  The first Great Egrets of the year have arrived along with Yellowlegs sandpipers.  A pair of Great Horned Owls is on eggs, high up in trees off the trail.  Wood ducks were seen investigating some newly installed nest boxes, while wigeons, gadwall, shovelers and teal were still fueling up for their migration.  And the marsh was full of the sounds of brave little wood frogs (spring peepers) singing their amazingly loud songs.  As you can see, not a cloud in the sky.

Meanwhile back at home, both of the bluebirds were in and out of the box, and I spotted her with a bit of grass in her beak.  I feel privileged to be able to watch them as they prepare for this year's spring brood.  Expect pictures - probably a lot of them!

Haven't indulged in dark yet today, but thinking I will still go with plain and simple.  


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