By Teasel

Catriona and the Dragon

Another three line whip, another day in the office – which is not what I had planned.  For the first time since before covid struck we took the train to work.  The car park was practically empty, the train (three carriages) was pretty empty – a complete contract to the “old days” when if a three carriage train came along you would be fighting to get on, and might well be left on the platform.  It was a dreich morning,  but amazing how you just fit back into old routines.
Work was busy as ever.  A colleague and I were struggling to work a particularly tricky thing out.  We met to discuss with another colleague later in the afternoon and hope to follow up – by which time we will maybe be starting to understand what we are trying to do.  Our heads were well and truly hurting.  The we had to attend the meeting we were all in the office for.  It went well – and for me was a follow-up to the one I had yesterday and for a couple of colleagues, a follow-up to one they had had this morning.
I was well and truly worn out by the time it was done.  I had to keep an eye on the clock as I had to make sure I caught my train home.  It was slightly busier than this morning, but again, nothing like it used to be.  We then drove home, hurriedly made some toast and then headed out again to Dunbar, where BB was playing in the orchestra, for the “world premiere” of Catriona and the Dragon, an opera.  It was brilliant.  Each section of the orchestra had a professional musician who had worked with the schoolkids, and there was a community choir of all ages and four professional opera singers.  It was excellent, a really great performance, and such a great experience for BB.  He was buzzing when we got home, and got his cello straight out and started playing again.
I went out for a walk at lunchtime and got a blip, but instead I am blipping part of the backdrop from tonight’s performance.  It was designed by a graffiti artists and all the performers got to add something to it. 

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