By JeanSnaps


I have just had a melt down.   The workmen have been in the bathroom all day and I let them get on with it. When they left I went up to go to the loo. and found a shower tray had been concreted in place. Not the shower tray I expected to get. Went to find the drawing  of what had been agreed on and phoned the showroom then went round to the village shop to buy crisps. Shortly afterwards the member of staff I'd discussed and agreed the bathroom plan with turned up on my doorstep. He'd changed things without consulting me because he thought I would "love the changes"he'd made. On hearing that I lost my temper completely. Incandescent doesn't begin to describe it.  He kept apologising which only angered me more so  told him to go away and leave me alone for a couple of days till I calmed down.  As an example of male  chauvinism it takes the biscuit.. He's giving me the bathroom he "thinks" I'd like and I'm paying for it. I think it's going to take more than a couple of packets of crisps to restore me to normality.   My blip is of the painted bathroom floorboards which were excavated yesterday. I was intent on paying off my mortgage as quickly as possible  so painted the floor as a stop gap .                           

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