I Witness

By KangaZu

Minsi Lake ...

... first kayak trip of the year!

We had a great day today as we went to Minsi Lake for our first kayaking of the year.  The weather was perfect for it ... warm and sunny with only a slight breeze. 

I had to dust off my old Nikon as I didn't want to take the new one out on the kayak ... at least not yet.  I was actually glad that I was using the old Nikon as I had the 300mm lens attached.  Especially when we saw some bald eagles (upper left) and an osprey (not pictured).  We also saw ducks, cormorants and a rather large turtle sunning him/herself on a platform in the lake.  

The only down side to the day was thinking we had lost R's GoPro.  When we returned home and unloaded the car he couldn't find it.  We debated returning to the lake but didn't do that right away.  However,  I convinced R to go looking for it after supper.  So it was back to the lake!  Unfortunately, we didn't find it there at that time.  But it has since been found!  What a relief!

It really was a fun filled day! Thank you, R, for spending it with me! ♥♥♥

Backblipped: April 15 ... also backblipped starting with a very late Tiny Tuesday.  Please take a look at this full screen.

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