Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

My boys and girls

Today was K's birthday.  Here she is looking well and happy, which was lovely to see, especially as her partner had had to leave before the celebrations began to take charge of his kids.  In extras is a shot of my son, J, and his partner, T.  And, finally, the wonderful birthday cake not looking too much the worse for wear from its journey home yesterday ;))

Also present were two very sweet labradoodle-type dogs that J's company has been boarding for the last three weeks, and Big Sis plus little Jax.  It was quite a houseful!

Now the washing up has been done, the visitors departed, and all has gone very quiet.  Peaceful.

We still have rather a lot of birthday cake to finish..

Just to remind the wildflower crew - as from today we're on to WFW23_03.  Aready?  I can't believe it!  So please tag your entries accordingly until midnight Saturday 22nd

Hope you all have a good strt to the week tomorrow  xx

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