While on my runs

By waipushrink

A forest giant weeps

After getting home from a day at the CMHC I walked around some of the local streets. It felt like we are in a Kauri forest. On the corner of Woodlands Park Road and Manuka Road is a big old Kauri tree which appears to have branched and had two near vertical branches. A significant time ago, one broke off. 

My photo shows the damaged area and what I think is Kauri gum (or resin) having come from the damaged area and is acting as a protection from rot or infection. Below I have copied what I found on a Kauri page.

Gum bandage. Kauri gum or resin oozes from the bark, leaves and cones of all kauri trees, and large deposits form where the branches fork. It is how the kauri protects itself from injury and decay. The gum hardens to seal any damaged surfaces, slowing the onset of rot and warding off insect attack

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