An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mystery Mouse...


Today was a kitchen day for the most part.

Spent the bulk of the afternoon preparing the meal for friends coming tomorrow night.  I like to be as far ahead as I can so I can enjoy spending time with them on the night, rather than in the kitchen.

Made the key lime pie first.  It's quick and easy.  Next the tomato and basil soup (I usually serve three cheese sourdough bread with that but for a change I plan to toast sliced French baguette, which I will then rub with a clove of garlic, sprinkle each slice with grated parmesan and pop it back under the grill till the cheese melts) and finally, a new recipe to me - chicken roll-ups, basically chicken breasts flattened and stuffed with pesto, sun dried tomatoes and grated mozzarella)  I also prepared the fruit for the fruit platter, as a lighter alternative (or additions) to the key lime pie :-)

Those tasks completed I went to the studio for a little while to have a tidy up. I was through there the postie arrived with an intriguing little package addressed to me.  I opened it to find this little fella!  A wee wooden companion for my little ceramic mouse I blipped the other day!  What lovely surprise!  :-)) The only problem is there was no note in the envelope,  so I don't know where he came from, so I don't know who to thank!  Anyhoo he's now comfy beside his little pal and they seem to be getting along just fine :D 

D was out in the evening for his annual curry night with the Lake District gang and as usual I couldn't be bothered cooking a meal for just me, so I treated myself to a New Yorker toastie instead - toastie with a filling of pastrami, Edam cheese, gherkins and American mustard.  Yum :-)

And so ends a food centric day!  Just like every day ;-)

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