Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Annecy, France

Two days in a row, we drove to the scenic town of Annecy. The Thiou River runs through the town and joins the lake. There are several bridges to cross from one side of town to the other.

We climbed up above the town to visit the castle and the various museums inside, including classic and contermporary art and beautiful old wooden furniture.

The weather was a perfect temperature for visiting during the whole of our stay. We had a mixture of blue skies, clouds and occasional rain showers. I'm so relieved that it wasn't too hot!

I couldn't resist including the big beautiful early morning sky taken from my room. I don't get big skies like this in town, so it was pure heaven for me to gaze out of the window at so many different times of the day.

An unforgettable birthday trip for a special birthday with a zero at the end!

- one part of the castle
- Taken from inside the castle through a protective wrought-iron door
- A war memorial with statue and the three flags, from left to right: the European flag, French flag and the Haute Savoie flag which is the 'department' we were in.
- The beautiful bouquet of birthday flowers in my room with two of the three cards from my children.
- The Handerchief Tree which was luckily in full bloom
- The big beautiful blue and pink sky over the lake taken early morning from my room.

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