Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Mango eater

I saw this girl as I was going through the market this morning.  It's been a gardening day and I was on my way up to the plant nursery to buy lavender, ferns and garden string.  Duly bought, I came home and finished preparing the beds for my new plants.

But tell me, would you bite into a mango like this?  I'm not sure I would, but I did like the shot she gave me ;)

It's been another glorious day.  I'm skating around trying to make the most of the fabulous weather: garden, blipping, getting washing done that can be dried outside after the horrible winter, trying not to let my skin plunge straight into sunburn, buying copious quantities of fruit, which is what I like eating when it gets hot..  But hopefully, at least, someone else will be walking Hazel today..

Hope the weekend's treating you kindly  xx

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