Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Another side of womanhood

Today was almost a repeat of yesterday.  Again I went into town and caught the bus up to Hilliers' plant nursery for more plants - how spoiling.  The differences were that today I did walk Hazel, but she mostly decided the park was too hot and simply lay down under a tree.  And I had a pre-breakfast walk in the reserve, though didn't clock much except the wonderful warblers.

This elderly woman seen in town must be the wife of one of the retired Gurkhas who still live in Winchester (at one point they were stationed here and still have a presence in the city).  I admired her dignity.  And how different from yesterday's female portrait!

Please remember that as from midnight yesterday (Saturday) we are on to WFW23_09 and entries will need to be tagged accordingly.

Not a lot else to report.  Soon I shall go out to water the garden, but that really is it for today  xx

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