Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

We want rain!

Still the heat goes on, and still we have no rain! The forecast says 'rain on Saturday night', so let's hope that it's right! 

I went down to the Walled Garden this morning in the hope that there would be some water left, but no. There are a lot of water containers around and rain is taken from every roof on the property, including the chicken run, but all that's left is a few sludgy inches in all of them.

I didn't want to, but had to walk to and fro from the tap in the restored greenhouse  - my Blip today - in order to give my poor beans and peas enough to keep them going. I doubt if I'll get anything from them this year. Some have been chewed by rabbits, other are obviously nibbled by slugs, and the organic slug pellets I've used don't seem to do anything. The biggest runner beans, three of them, are nearly a foot tall - those at home in a big pot are five feet tall. 

Oh well - we'll be losing it all after next year anyway. I was talking to Jo today - she's the manager - and she doesn't know how, if at all, they'll be able to recoup anything for all the time, effort and money that Greenshoots have put into the garden. It will probably be sold for the value of the acreage and that will be that!

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