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By walkingMarj

From my seat

Today was end of term and end of the year for our village choir. We had a short rehearsal and then invited anyone from the village to come to hear us sing. We also provided refreshments (see the table groaning with cakes to the right).

The tenors and sopranos were sitting in front of the stage. We altos (four of us, hooray) and the basses were on the stage.

We had a great time. I thought we sang pretty well, especially the altos in California Dreaming where we had the tune. Now there is a novelty!

My shot is taken at the end. You can see that many choir members are already moving off ready to serve tea/coffee and cakes to the audience. Given that there appear to be 23 of them, they make a fine job of clearing the plates. The choir were allowed to partake in a "family hold back" system.

My carrot and walnut cake went down a treat. It prompted a lovely memory. Alan was telling me that over 40 years ago, when he was teaching in London, a child brought him a cake baked by his mother. When he said it was carrot cake, Alan was not sure he would like it. He remembers the first delicious mouthful. (He had 2 pieces of mine!!)

Some of the audience in my picture are still applauding and some are already deep into village chatter.

Mum and I watched the Djokovic match. The result was inevitable but Rublek played well too.

I cooked a whole chicken (small) in our air fryer. I thought it was overdone but it was moist and tasty. I'm learning how to use the new toy. 

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