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By walkingMarj

In Hexham

The Abbey must be the most photographed building in town.  I had not noticed the lampstand previously.

I should have walked today. I intended to do the 10 mile walk but the forecast was wet and windy. I chickened out. (Turns out they had only showers and had a great time.)

Instead I met up with the other Marjorie for a bowl of soup at the Rising Café. We stayed for ages and put the world to rights. Marjorie is a very deep thinker. She told me her views on the current music scene in the UK. Fascinating stuff.

I called to see Jenny, Dennis and Kate on my way home through Wall Village. They are doing OK. Jenny does get anxious and Kate has developed a technique to distract her. They sing the Cornetto advert together! They are now learning songs from the Sound of Music. Well done Kate.

There was time to watch some of the men's singles quarter finals. I would have liked Eubank to win, but he was outclassed by excellent steady play from his opponent.

I've been watching a presentation on Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett. I like his thoughtful approach and excellent images. (On Camversation if you are interested.)

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