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By emyjane

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This is my garden - or part of it - this is in fact my 'Mummy's Garden' - this was her little plot. At first it was just short grass, but then one year is exploded in her favourite flowers - ox-eye daises - we never planted them, they just came up & they came up every Summer, but then didn't flower the Summer after she died & there are none (apart from the ones we've planted) that are coming up now. But it's full of buttercups & sorrel, it's looks gorgeous. And it's fitting, as my mum would have been 71 today, on such a gorgeous, warm, sunny day - but where she is now, she's surrounded in fields of ox-eye daisies in the sunshine against the blue sky with everyone she has ever loved, waiting for those she loves to come & join her... I can't wait to see her again... I can't wait to meet her in those ox-eye daises, fields & fields & fields & she'll be there, walking towards me, arms stretched out... it's going to happen, no matter what anyone believes, my faith is so strong & I just know I'll be reunited with her when it's my time & with my dad of course too, & it'll be us three again, the perfect trinity.

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