RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Ticket Booth

I love the colors found throughout Mexico, at least the parts I have visited. From the white and red buildings of Pátzacuaro to the multi-colored structures in San Miguel, there is always something colorful to capture with my camera. Zihuatanajo is somewhat limited, tending to stick with tones of terra cotta, yellow, and white, but all bets are off when the carnival is in town. Then the riot of color is almost more than my eye can stand. I wandered around the deserted grounds this morning happily taking shot after shot of saturated rides, games, and this ticket booth. I think the idea is to make the booths standout so attendees know where to buy tickets, but even with this bright paint job it was just a part of a colorful landscape (even the sky got in on the act).

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