By Teasel

Japanese Anemones

A day off for me.  The day before school starts, when I attempt to get BB organised.  Before I did anything else, I hung two loads of washing out.  I did manage to get BB out of bed much earlier than I had predicted and we were on a bus to Edinburgh before 10am.  A miracle.  He got home about 1am, and had managed to get a lift from a friend, otherwise he had no idea how he was getting home apart from a five mile walk!
The bus was packed and we had to stand all the way.  I was so glad to eventually get off.  My task for today was school jumpers and school shoes.  Shoe shopping was great.  One shop, first choice, they fitted, they weren’t outrageously expensive, so they were purchased.  We failed on the school jumper though.  How difficult can it be to get a plain black crew neck jumper?  Quite difficult so it seems.  Anyway I gave up, and so we moved on.  Had a look in the bookshop and then the West End Craft Fair – where I was delighted to find a stall where I could replace a pair of lost ear rings. 
We then went for lunch.  He chose pizza.  Given we are mid-festival and Edinburgh is buys, I was surprised at how quiet the pizza restaurant was.  Once we were fed and watered I had an errand to do before we got the bus home.  I think his expedition and late night caught up with him, as BB went for a lie down.  I went for a walk, reminding him he had rugby training.  Thankfully he hadn’t fallen asleep as he was at training when I got home.  He was very weary when he got home.
We had a quiet evening and then there were early nights all round.
This is a quiet corner at the West End Craft Fair.

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