Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Solar flare

One of the warmest days of the year. The sky clouded over during the day, but as the sun was setting it dropped through the clouds as Gus and I watched from other side of the estuary.

The garden has gone into exponential growth, and Reggie has slipped his tracker and is completely undetectable in the dense vegetation.

Another day when I felt exhausted. I had to come home and go to bed for an hour. One more day to the weekend. Will I make it?

It seems after last night's uploading quirk, I am not alone. The odd thing was the backdated entry which disappeared when I tried to open it, but on the computer (but not the iPad) persisted as 1 backdated entry. It's gone now, floating around somewhere in cyberspace.

A reminder in the blip of a year ago, that I need to be be looking out for the new generation of roe deer up on the Knott, though with Gus I may struggle to get as close as I did last year.

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