Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Gold bars

A heron was fishing for flukes in the shallow waters of the Kent estuary as the sun descended out of the clouds, and the estuary turned to gold. Our friend, Gilly, who is staying with us tonight described this as Buddha gold because of its colour and glitteriness (though it does look more coppery on the iPad!).

Well, I made it through a day of non-stop telecalls, then on the way back from work, stopped off at Foulshaw to look for dragonflies, they were all too warmed up and quick to pose for a photo. Gus and I had a slightly earlier walk on the estuary, we missed the sunset, though the quality of the low sunlight shafting through clouds made up for it.

Thank you for all the hearts, stars and comments on the solar flare blip. I will try to catch up this evening and over the weekend.

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