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By walkingMarj


This morning I had an appointment with an osteopath in Corbridge. Joan came in to look after Mum.

My physio suggested this move. Natalie, the osteopath, was delightful and definitely knows her stuff.

We have agreed that the problem is bursitis over the greater trochanter of my left hip. She has banned some exercises I was doing, in my attempt to quicken recovery, and put me on a regime of regular hot and cold compresses plus some massage and simple exercises.

She popped a few acupuncture needles in and it was all over in 45 minutes!

I’ve been very sore all day but I feel this is progress. Anything to get back with the walkers again…..

Mum had a migraine. We were both taken by surprise because it is ages since she had one.

Tonight I saw part of a presentation by Guy Edwardes on MyPhotoClub. The first half was for his nature photography. It is immaculate! I will see the second half another day because it was time for Mum to move downstairs for the evening routine.

My image is in the centre of the small town of Corbridge, known as the village by locals. The board lists all sorts of battles and turbulence there over the centuries. The building on the left was a bastle house, a heavily defended building from the time of the Border Reivers. On the right, a church that is now a bookshop.

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