My Family

Oh my goodness it's been a hectic day!
We were out early to a fabulous birthday party at a pottery painting place in Milton Keynes. It was just the girls and they all had a lovely time painting figurines and plates. Miss E chose a unicorn which will be a dazzling pink and green with purple spots.
As Mr K was still en route home from Mumbai I had to take Miss L to the party. Three of her classmates were there from school - younger siblings of children in Miss E's class - and they all had a fab time painting too. Miss L's owl will be a vision of sludge! It started off pretty in pink and then had most of the other colours added to it!! She was happy with it and that's all that matters!
From there we dashed home, said hello to a happy to be home Mr K, jumped back into the car and drove to Mr M's in Oxford for his leaving party. He's moving to Thailand in a week so it was the last of his wonderful garden parties for a while. Hopefully he'll be back and forth.
It was lovely to see the usual crowd and the Little Misses enjoyed playing in the garden. There was much running and swinging and climbing all over Daddy - who somehow managed to fall asleep on a blanket on the grass while they were doing it!
And, of course, tons of food. The Little Misses pretty much ate their body weight in pavlova!!
As did I! Along with coronation chicken and potato salad. Yummy!!
And goulash and bread and cheese.
And Guinness.
And a Peppermint Aero as I type this.
And I wonder why I can't lose weight!!

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