By Teasel

Lyme Regis

A day off running, so a long lie was in order.  It was a lovely day, so maybe too hot for running anyway.  The plan was for BB to get a holiday hair cut this morning, but that didn’t happen as he didn’t get out of his bed.  We did eventually walk into Axminster.  We had a look around, including into the lovely bookshop.  We then caught the bus to Lyme Regis.  It’s not far and it was a lovely, but short, journey on a double decker bus on some quite steep country roads! 
We spent the afternoon wandering through the town and out along the Cobb, and enjoying the sunshine.  Lyme Regis is such a lovely wee place, but very popular with holidaymakers and day trippers.  At one point it came over very dark, and looked very ominous.  There were a few spots of rain, but thankfully it came to nothing.  We always bring a picnic to Lyme Regis and have it in the garden which overlook the bay.  Today we had no picnic, so had a lovely pub lunch instead.  The boys always play crazy golf in Lyme Regis, but it was so busy today, that they decided not to bother.   We walked along the front to the beach where we usually look for fossils, but the tide was really high, so there was no chance of that this afternoon.  We retraced our steps back to town, walked up the main street and browsed in a few shops, before walking back into the park.  We sat down in the sunshine, overlooking the bay,  and watched a swimming race.  It seemed quite far, but any distance is quite for me who is not a strong swimmer.  Later we discovered that there is another swimming race in a few weeks and it an even longer route along the coast.  Rather them than me. 
We eventually went to get the bus back to Axminster, and then walked home.  We had an easy tea.  We were all a bit weary after being out in the sunshine all day, but we managed some Mapp and Lucia!
This is a view from The Cobb (the harbour wall), looking through the boats over to the town.  The start of the simming race is in the extra.

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