By maureen6002

Rain soaked …..

Well one set of visitors has left, and another has arrived. Not the best of timetables admittedly, but it’s just the way things have turned out. 

Nic, Elaine and dog arrive at lunchtime fresh from their camping trip to Criccieth. Unfortunately, the constant drizzle mitigates against an outing, so it’s a day inside filled with chat and reminiscing.  

They too, are only here one night. It’s lovely to have company, but hosting - even with help - and just socialising leaves me with little time or energy for blipping, and I’ve just not looked at journals I’m afraid. 

I do, however, manage a quick trip into the very drippy garden, photographing the last remaining sweet peas through  tiny watery tendrils. 

Thanks to JDO for hosting! 

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