By pensionspoet

An ups and downs day

Hard to get up again, and once I had showered, washed my hair and had breakfast I was late to Lidl. Managed to do the shopping quite quickly, then also went to Morrisons. Back home for a quick coffee with Jon, then to singing. A big UP because we have had a long summer break. Lovely to catch up with everyone, and to sing. I've missed it, although appreciated having time on Thursday too.

Back home for lunch to be greeted by my big down. A speeding ticket. I was expecting it, coming home from work in Norwich last week, and rushing. Although I was slowing down it caught me doing 36 in a 30 zone. So I went online and confessed to being the driver. Now I need to wait to hear my fate.

Off to the monthly poetry group. Our topic 'highs and lows'. I had sorted out a few poems to read last night, and we had a nice 2 hours reading.

Home by 5 and spent an hour and a bit in the garden. I potted up some cuttings of hydrangeas that I stole from the Lake District, and potted on 3 Salvia cuttings which I took in June from a piece I found. I picked 4 cucumbers, some toms (lots are affected by blight) then got very excited when I saw some of my orange beetroot have grown. So that was an UP!

The allotment however, was my next down. Something - mice? Pheasants? eaten all my sweetcorn. Completely stripped. Very annoying. The allotment really has been rubbish this year. I must find more time to spend there.

Mollie went out after work with her work colleagues. I'm so pleased she is moving forward and fitting in so well. It meant she wasn't home for dinner, so just 3 of us. I cooked sausages, mushroom and kale.

Now enjoying watching Stacey Solomon sort out someone's house! Wish she could come here!

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