talloplanic views

By Arell

Close to the edge

I actually started cutting some wood today for the workbench.  I got halfway through things then decided my big chisel wasn't quite sharp enough.  Dropping it on the concrete floor earlier probably didn't help.

An hour, maybe more according to my back, then went by with the sharpening stone and the little angley roller jig thing.  The nearer one in the photo is the larger of two nice Stormont firmer chisels that I found a couple of months ago in a box in a dusty corner of a second-hand furniture shop.  The previous owner had got it sharp(ish), but had ground the tip at a different angle from original, so I had to grind it back.  The other, having previous encountered the floor, is your bog standard, bevel edged thing what comes in a pack of three from B&Q, but is actually alright once you give it some attention.

It rained on and off all day and it really sucks the heat out of the place. After last week's remarkably warm weather I'm suddenly in t-shirt and merino and hoodie, and the fleece throw is back on the bed.  At least every cold day from now on is a day closer to spring.

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