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Fifth Chapter

A great night’s sleep after going to bed early. Back in the office using the tube route heading there and the Overground option coming home.  A few more meetings in the diary today and, although I feel that I am not contributing it’s good to be involved. JJ and I had a Mexican burrito lunch in Westfield’s and I joined an ‘into’ call to the Service Management organisation (which seemed odd as I know full well what it does and most of the people).  I may not do the other onboarding sessions that are run by people I already know. It’s seems bit wasteful.

In the afternoon I bumped into a colleague who joined from Amobee after I left. It was great to be able to catch-up and I must chat to her more when I see her in the office again. In a small world, she is reporting into Scott’s wife (Scott being my last boss at Synamedia).

I was at Shepherd’s Bush just in time for a train that had been delayed by a couple of minutes. It meant my journey back to Raynes Park arrived a little earlier than I had hoped for and I was able to go home, drop off my bag and grab some toast before I went back to the station to meet PY on the 19:02 to Kingston.  Just as I was leaving I noticed that I’d dropped Lemon Curd all down my shirt (from the toast I’d eaten) and there followed a frantic search for something to replace the shirt without taking up too much time and missing the train connection.

We were heading off to Przym nightclub in Kingston where Beverley Knight was preforming a few songs from her new album, The Fifth Chapter. I am not quite sure it was an official album launch but I think it’s a bit of a rehearsal to get used to performing new material in front of a crowd.  It seems that Banquet Records - the Kingston vinyl record shop - put on a number of these low key, smaller audience evenings. Shania Twain recently performed.  Mel and Rich mentioned them a few weeks ago and, within a day or so, an email had arrived in my inbox with an invite to see this concert.

As alway, Beverley Knight is a fantastic performer. I loved the songs from the new album and I can’t wait for it to land on Friday. She also took some time to answer questions from the crowd and perform a couple of her older songs (and a Whitney cover) before wrapping up just after 9pm. When we got back to Kingston station we could see the train in the platform. Unusually or us we ran for it and made it and so were home by 9:30pm. 

I joked to PY afterwards that this is exactly my kind of gig: small enough to be able to see and hear and done by 9pm at a venue that gets be back home before 10pm.  I should go to more of them.

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