Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Look at me

I'm pretty.

I visited Desert Meadows park earlier this morning. I was very surprised to see this Broad-billed hummingbird.  I'd love to go back in the next couple of days to see if he's still there. He always returned to this bare stick. I'm betting that he'll do the same if he 'sticks' around for a bit. Hummingbirds are creatures of habit. (Check it out in large.)

I got that Tramadol prescription sorted. I'm allowed two weeks but only one week at a time. Yard sale in the morning. Lots of pricing and carrying out stuff to the garage throughout the day. I'm going to take it slow, take lots of breaks and not lift anything heavy. It will take a while, especially since it's going to be another unseasonably hot afternoon. But I am looking forward to getting rid of stuff I haven't used in years and will price things to sell.

Teaching is not for sensitive souls. While reviewing future, past, and present tenses with my English class, I posed this question: “‘I am beautiful’ is what tense?” One student raised her hand. “Past tense.”

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