Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Tired out

I managed to get this photo of a Lesser goldfinch before the yard sale. It went pretty well. It was me and the two houses across the street so there was a lot of traffic. By the end, I was practically giving stuff away.  Anything to not have to drag it back into the house.

I had been on a Canon wait list for a refurbished 100-400mm R-mount lens. It popped up as available this morning and I ordered it immediately. It's half the weight of the first generation I bought 12 years ago.

A guy bought a photography backpack I was selling and we got to talking. Long story short, he bought the older model lens from me for the same amount I spent on the new model!

Thanks for all of the comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's hummingbird. So very kind of everyone.

A few of us were discussing the perils of drinking and driving when my five-year-old granddaughter threw in her two cents. “I can see why it would be dangerous to drink and drive,” she said. “The straw could go up your nose.”

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