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I'll have the soup please :-) 

Hahahahaha...sometimes I make myself laugh :D 

Today was all about the lentil soup!

With our friends from Skye arriving on Sunday I want to be as organised as possible so I'm not wondering what to make for lunch / dinner each day.  By the time they arrive I plan to have lentil soup, ragu sauce, beef chilli, lasagne, chicken curry, and Aunty Margaret's Recipe ( a pasta dish made by D's aunty Margaret in the 80s loosely based on Marzetti :-) all in the freezer.  

The marzetti style dish will be part of the buffet for the Halloween party that's become a bit of a tradition when the girls are here in October.  Esme will be joining them :-)

After lunch I set about the pleasant task of preparing and chopping the veg for the Lentil and Ham soup.  There's something very meditative about having the kitchen to myself, some music playing and a very sharp knife in my right hand :D

I also get great pleasure from washing the red lentils, watching the water turn from horrible cloudy grey to crystal clear.  

When I was little I wouldn't eat my gran's homemade lentil soup (no idea why, it was delicious!  Thankfully by the time I was a teenager that had changed)  I remember how confused and disgusted she was on learning I would eat my friend's mum's homemade lentil soup, who didn't pre-wash her lentils!  "How can you eat that scummy soup and not eat my lovely soup? " She would implore.  To this day I can't answer that question, as my friend's mum did indeed spent ages removing a large amount of foamy scum from her soup before serving it up.  Children are such fickle things when it comes to food!  lol

Anyway, I digress!  

Lentils washed, veggies chopped, stock ready and smoked bacon to hand (yes I do make it with ham hough for special occasions but smoked bacon is a great and easy substitute :-) and it was simmering in the pot with delicious aromas filling the kitchen.  

I do love dark, rainy autumnal days with time spent in the kitchen, nothing to rush for and the promise of something tasty to eat, even if it will be next week before we enjoy this particular soup :-)

We had an early dinner as D was heading to Glasgow to see a group called The Last Dinner Party.  He saw them recently when they were supporting First Aid Kit and thought they were great.  I was supposed to go but still not feeling 100% so he went with a friend instead.

I spent the evening getting organised for the Halloween party next Tuesday.  Buffet now planned, the decs are ready to go up (will put them up on Saturday for Faith and Anna arriving on Sunday :-) and games sorted.  Ordered a pin the spider on the web game so there's something new, and some halloween napkins and paper cups.  

Just the pumpkins to get (nearer the time)  Now where have I put those pumpkin carving tools?

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