Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

I can see clearly now..

Today was the first time since the spring I've got a really clear shot of a wren, which I guess must prove that a lot of leaves are falling now.  This was from my morning walk in the reserve.  Then when I got home I gardened and yes, there were butterflies (red admirals again).  So one is in extra as I count down to the day they disappear for winter.  I also, excitingly, saw the hummingbird hawkmoth for a second time.  Sadly it didn't stop for a nectar top-up, just zigzagged around, but having seen it twice I'm now really optimistic that the buddleia I planted late spring will bring one here next summer for me to blip.

Nothing else to report.  Hope your Sunday's an enjoyable one  xx

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