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Very pleased that I got up and went for my morning walk today. I went to bed quite early, even though I didn’t get to sleep immediately, and that made it a lot easier to get up this morning. I also did another day of the stretching exercises using the app, but I’m not entirely convinced I will stick with it because I am not flexible enough and it doesn’t seem to run a program to help me become more supple. Or maybe the entire point is I just stick with it and it works some kind of magic.  Who knows?

The weather has been absolutely terrible today. It has been pouring with rain for most of the day. About 12:30 mum and dad called me from Spain just to show the glorious weather they were having sat outside eating their lunch. I was only a little bit jealous. 

Just like Thursday last week, I was on the 4:58pm train, heading into town. I was meeting R for dinner at Bob, Bob Ricard.  The place was pretty quiet when I arrived and she was already there. we spent some time chatting over a glass of champagne, but then ordered our dinners. I started with salmon tartare and then had their chicken pie, which is a speciality of the place. I’d heard a lot of about it previously, but was somewhat disappointed by the quantity of the pie filling. What was there, however, was  delicious. 

We had to the Palladium for about 7:15pm in order to get to the Beverly Knight concert on time. It was only when we arrived that we discovered that she would not be on stage until 8:45pm and we could have spent a little longer over dinner. Nonetheless, we stood in the queue for some wine and took our seats.

Beverly Knight was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been lucky enough to see her several times and I have to say this might have been the best concert I’ve been to. The audience was really up for it and she played all the big songs. Obviously,  some of the tracks from the new album, that we saw her perform a few weeks ago, were also played. A brilliant set.

Afterwards we went to the White Horse pub, just off Carnaby Street , the location of our regular Thirsty Thursday event, for a quick drink to close the evening. I ended up back at Waterloo having just missed a train but in plenty of time for the one that left just before midnight. I grabbed a sandwich in the Marks & Spencer‘s store that has reopened and took the train home. 

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