Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Global Village Take 2


Today is SweetArt's 31st wedding anniversary! I can't believe my kid sister has been married that long! :))

The day started early for G. Mondays are her longest day. I got to my desk with plenty to do and kept going until G got home. The big thing today was an iPad Air 5 arriving. G's iPad Air 2 is showing signs of ageing in that apps don't update or you can't add new ones, so after eight years, she is jumping several models. There wasn't any time to look at it though, as Mariam (G's ex-colleague from her Emirates International School days) and her sister-in-law arrived. We are going to Global Village!

The trip started with the weather being perfect, but it warmed up later. India, China and Pakistan were the main pavilions visited today. Mariam had a list of things she was hunting for but didn't find them all. Dinner was Lebanese (again). I got myself a Hello Kitty shortbread cookie from the Railway Market.

We were home by 10:30. I was tired but couldn't resist looking at the new iPad and even setting it up for G. :))

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