By hazelh

Dancing feet

Alas, I have caught the lurgy! So now there are three patients in the house. Thankfully the other two seem to be a bit better than they were yesterday.

I was lucky to manage my hour on the exercise bike before the sneezing started. Instead of attending my pilates class and going for a swim this morning, I roosted quietly on the sofa. 

I watched all the episodes of the dreadful current series of The crown while darning Mummy hazelh's butterscotch wool cardigan and one of my black cashmere jumpers. I also mended a couple of fastenings on Mummy hazelh's black velvet chiffon-sleeved 1960s mini-dress so that it's ready should I ever want to wear it again. (I last wore it at Rachel's 2020 purim party just before the UK's first COVID19 lockdown. Goodness knows when Mummy hazelh last wore it. 1967 perhaps?)

I considered postponing a medical appointment this afternoon, but when the receptionist started offering a late December appointment as a replacement for today's, I decided to brave the cold in my poorly state after all. The walk there and back accounts for my step count today, and gave me the opportunity to blip some street art.

Not long after my return home, I retreated to bed, emerging only for supper. I am feeling worse by the minute. Oh woe is me!

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike; walking (8,932 steps).

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